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Benefits of a Multi Carrier Shipping Software


Shipping can be a boon or bane for your business. Get a wrong shipping platform for your ecommerce business and your clients may experience a less than desirous outcome. If today’s small businesses do not plan their shipping strategy wisely, they could end up short on revenue or even losing customers and even having legal issues.

Multi-Carrier E-Commerce ShippingMany new businesses do not usually place much emphasis on a good shipping software solution that utilizes multiple carriers. On the contrary, it is important that they get a multi-carrier ecommerce shipping software solution that can handle product deliveries through a number of shipping channels.

Here are some benefits why today’s smart business entrepreneurs utilize a multi-carrier e-commerce shipping platform with a rates comparison tool for all their domestic and international shipping needs.

First, the obvious advantage of getting a shipping software solution that can access different carriers is the availability of the shipping partner in a designated delivery area. This is especially true for businesses that are servicing diverse markets or cater to clients on an international level. In some areas or countries, some shipping carriers may not have a presence or operations. By not using a multi carrier shipping software program that can ship products to as many areas as possible, your business automatically loses possible clients in selected areas or countries.

One another consideration is cost of shipping depending on the shipping carrier. Let’s say, several carriers do provide shipping services to a certain area. But what if a certain carrier offers cheaper shipping costs than it’s competitor? Getting a software solution that gives customers a comparison of rates offered by various shipping carriers gives them the ability to select the cheapest carrier for shipment. Your clients should be able to do their own price comparisons to select the best shipping option for them.

Another consideration is reputation. For some clients, cost or multi channel access may not be an issue, as much as the reputation of the carrier. Many consider the reputation or background of the carrier, and it’s capacity to provide the best delivery service, much like you would if you were hiring a DUI Attorney Salt Lake City. A smart shipper would want a software program that can offer a list of multiple shipping carriers that can deliver their products in the best and cheapest way possible.

Some clients would want to check whether the company offers tracking or discounted insurance rates, giving clients an opportunity to track the progress of their deliveries or what to do in case something happens to the shipment in route. There are a lot of things that can happen between the time a package leaves the carrier drop off and the time it gets to its destination. Getting a package from point A to point B may sometimes require a number of vendors or carriers, whether your business is directly involved with these carriers or not.

In today’s world, e-commerce businesses with various shipping needs should evaluate shipping software providers that can provide a multi carrier shipping solution for their shipping requirements. A shipping program that utilizes a single carrier most often does not result in the most cost-effective shipping solution for your business.

Today’s commerce presents a number of choices for how products are shipped. A multi carrier platform allows for various shipping choices based on a number of factors, including cost, reputation, quality, and transit time.

Shipping Software

Multi Carrier Ecommerce Shipping Software


Businesses are always looking to reduce their bottom lines, and using software technology to reduce domestic and international shipping costs is one of those considerations. Businesses want to streamline and be competitive in the shipping process, taking control over their shipping costs in the most timely and efficient manner. Software technology can now fully integrate a multi-carrier shipping platform.

Multi channel software now allows the sharing of important shipping information with a warehouse or another locations.  Shipping software gives you easy ecommerce integration with shopping carts, marketplaces and various store platforms. A company that does not invest in a good ecommerce software will always worry about getting the cheapest and lowest domestic and international shipping rates for their business.   Here are some of the biggest benefits of implementing a multi carrier shipping software.


In today’s business market, you need to make fast decisions. Having up to date data makes these decisions quicker and more reliable. By using an ecommerce  software, a company is able to be more agile and make changes faster.


Having centralized information allows a company to make better use of it’s shipment consolidation. So, a multi-carrier software allows shipping schedules to be sent to all departments and units within a business in just a few seconds. The data that is sent out is able to reduce a company’s operating costs, while increasing the overall company efficiency

Removes Unnecessary layers

When a company uses ecommerce  shipping software, its whole shipping process is broken down into smaller steps. When the process is broken down to each individual step that is done, the company can find and remove steps that are not needed or are slowing down its shipping process. Watch this video:


For the longest time, businesses relied on manual processes to monitor and track shipments. Since these processes were not synchronized, bottlenecks were common place. The automation, that is available today, allows managers to oversee larger and more complex processes with just a computer screen. This automation process can also lowers the amount of time that an order takes to process, and decreases the amount of resources the company needs to be competitive.

Customer Service

Since the process is simplified as more automation is used, shipping an order to a customer takes less time than a simple window repair. Customers in today’s market do not like to wait around for their items to be shipped to them. Also, knowing when an item is out of stock is important, as customers want all the items that they order to come in at the same time. If your business has a faster order processing time and fewer order mistakes, then it will attract more customers in the future.

Having an  multi-carrier ecommerce software is so important into today’s market place. The multi-carrier software that your business needs is going to depend on your businesses objective and the size of the system that your business needs. Whether you’re selling baseball gloves or commercial window repair. You’ll need an ecommerce software that serves your business needs, because the goal is to make the shipping process easier and quicker for all parties involved.